Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010



  • We got with our vocab partners, and we took a vocab picture quiz.  Green vocab grids were allowed, and discussion was encouraged.  We did pics 20-40, then checked our quizzes, then turned them into the drawer.


  • I put out a last call for make-up work.


  • We looked at the bookmark journal to remind ourselves how to make a prediction.
  • We wrote five predictions for the story I read aloud, "Those Three Wishes".
  • We talked about them as we went through the story, then turned them in.

Strategy--Somebody Wanted But So

  • We got back with our vocab partners, and we wrote a summary sentence for "Those Three Wishes", then turned in our sentence.
Independent Reading
  • We had thirty-five minutes to read.
  • Megan put stickers and stamps in all the new books.
  • I chatted with people who'd finished books.


Greek Mythology
  • We viewed and listened to the rest of the Greek mythology powerpoints.
  • We started watching the History Channel's "Gods and Goddesses".
  • Mythological Barbie/Ken/Action Figure--due MONDAY
  • Facebook Page--due TUESDAY

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