Thursday, September 9, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010


  • I explained the bookmark and how we were going to use it for our end-of-book chats.
  • We made sure everything was in the correct place in our binders.
Six-Way Paragraphs
  • We checked the one about lemmings.
  • I handed out the record-keeping sheets for the paragraphs, and we plotted the first three, then made a graph.
  • We went around the room and reviewed for about ten minutes.
  • We spent about twenty minutes on for learning and practicing vocab, and preparing for the ACT.
Independent Reading
  • We read and relaxed for twenty-five minutes.
  • People who needed to finish their bookmark journals did so.
  • People who needed to chat with me about a book they'd finished did so.


  • Ten annotations over chapter 9
  • How do we take notes over the slideshows?  We talked a bit about two-column notes, and about not writing EVERYTHING down.
Greek Mythology
  • We listened to powerpoint presentations over the following figures:  Hermes, Pandora, Hades, Ares, The Fates, Dionysus, Athena.  We also heard the creation story.  We took notes.
Mythology Projects
  • I showed some pics of last year's Mythology Barbies.
  • I handed out a white copy of the Barbie template.
  • I handed out requirements for the Barbie and the Facebook projects.
Due Dates:
  • Monday--Myth Barbie/Ken/Action Figure
  • Tuesday--Facebook page

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