Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tuesday, 8/31/2010



  • Go to this link for some vocabulary warm-up.


Let me know if you level up!  :-)

Assessment--Skills Iowa--Reading Comprehension

  • Get your log-on id from me, and then click on this link:


Log on, and take the Reading assessment I have for you there.  (There are ten questions, after a reading passage.)

Go back and play vocabsushi when you're done!

Independent Reading

  • We had thirty-five minutes for read-and-relax today.


  • Random Autobiography
  • We got the writing text for the class--They Say, I Say.
  • I talked about why we are going to be using the book.
  • I assigned the introduction, pages 1-14, which we took thirty minutes or so to read.  We highlighted and/or annotated.
  • When we came back from lunch, we talked a little about some key points from the chapter.
  • I assigned and explained the essay on page 14, and everyone started to work on iBooks.
  • We agreed people would have fifteen minutes in class Wednesday to finish the essay.  Anyone needing more time than that worked during seminar or 4th block.
  • Read Thomas Jefferson's "The Dangers of Reading Fiction" on page 29.
  • Answer questions 1, 3 and 4 in your RJ, and follow the directions for #2.

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