Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010



  • We learned two new words: RESILIENT and HAUGHTY.
  • We reviewed all our words.


  • We filled out our Reading Record.
  • We continue filling out our Inventory.


  • We reviewed all the strategies we've learned thus far.
  • We talked about a new one--READING ACTIVELY.
  • We read a passage from Nomaday, and we practiced reading actively by doing the things asked of us on the back of the sheet.
  • We pair-shared our answers when we were done.
  • We will discuss this piece and our reading of it more tomorrow.

Read and Relax

  • We had twenty-five-ish minutes to read our "just-right" books.


  • I explained how grading has gone thus far--mainly for completion.  It will get tougher and pickier, now that we have a week under our belts and know what's expected.
  • I reviewed the wiki deadline procedure.
  • We read over our RJ comments, and we made a list of how to improve our Reading Journals.
"Cat in the Rain"
  • We dug in deep and explored the story and the RJ questions.  We tried to learn from each other's answers.  And we tried to support our points with details from the story.
Hemingway's Iceberg Theory 
  • We read his ideas, and then we pair-shared for a few minutes about what we thought he meant.  
  • #2--Random Autobiography Rough Draft
  • Finish (or start over with) your Random Autobiography.
  • Type it up as a poem, paying attention to line breaks.
  • Length Requirement:  1-2 pages

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