Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday, August 27th



  • We reviewed for ten minutes.


  • We turned in binders for grading.


  • I went over expectations for our field trip.
  • We read at the library for the rest of the block.


"Popular Mechanics"

  • We finished presentations/discussions on the trio RJ questions.

Literary Movements

  • We talked about what literary movements are, as people recalled their American Lit I background.  We talked about why writers are grouped together.  


  • Even though we've been talking about Minimalism without labeling it for the past couple of days, today we used the label.  We looked at a list of Minimalism characteristics, and we pair-shared about whether or not "Popular Mechanics" and/or "Cat in the Rain" uses those characteristics.
  • We also defined and recorded what "nihilism" means.
  • I handed out notes on Literary Movements and Minimalism, and we put these behind our first divider.
  • Everyone turned in his/her RJ so I could read the first two assignments.

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