Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010



  • We reviewed all the words.
  • We learned two new words:  GERMINATE and HOLOCAUST.
  • We took the vocab picture quiz--we wrote the word, then drew a picture that showed we knew what it meant.

Strategy Review

  • We talked about WHY we need to read actively.
  • We went over the Momaday passage we read Monday.
  • We talked about a new strategy--MAKING INFERENCES.
  • We read a Chopin passage, then made inferences about three things that were going on.

Independent Reading

  • We read for about twenty-five minutes.
  • I did book chats with people who were finished with their first books.

The World
  • Bozidar talked about what happened to Yugoslavia, and what the countries are today after the break-up. 
Quick-Write #3
  • Last week B. talked about the Yugoslav author Ivo Andric and connected a story of his about a wolf and a lamb, Aska and the Wolf".
  • I handed quotations from Ivo Andric, and we discussed several of them.
  • We wrote for ten minutes on the one of our choosing.
  • We had about fifteen minutes to finish our essays on the iBooks and save them in the Student Volume.
Author Face-to-Face
  • I explained the requirements for this assignments, and we got into our groups for Hemingway, Jefferson and Nabokov.  We worked until the end of the block.
  • Check the wiki--good readers and good writers--your top-five for each.

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