Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesday, May 4th


Tuesday, May 4th

1.      Read your rough draft of the Sense Poem on page 60 of your textbook.
2.     Think about details that would really SHOW your favorite place.
3.     Get a sheet of paper, and whatever materials you need off the front table to create an illustration of your perfect place.   (Started—10:05)

·      I want you to really SEE, HEAR, FEEL, SMELL and TASTE your perfect place BEFORE you type up your Sense Poem.  Maybe you’ll think of some things you want to add to the poem, based on your illustration.
·      This is what you’re teaching to your writing buddies on Friday—how to write a Sense Poem, and how to illustrate it.  And when we go over there, you’ll have a MODEL YOU CREATED to share with your buddy!

Once you finish your illustration, do the following:
1.      Grab an iBook.
2.     Read over the multitude of lists on pages 58-9—Vocabulary Variety.
3.     Re-read the Sense Poem directions on page 60.
4.     Carefully look at your illustration.
5.     Create a polished rough draft on the iBook that includes:
·      A knock-out title
·      All six required lines
·      A last line that leaves the reader thinking
·      Strong use of diction (pages 58-9 for help)
·      NO “I see” or “I hear”, etc!

Save, and print that bad boy to room 212, but don’t go pick it up.  I’ll grab them, and we’ll put them with our illustrations and hand them in later in the block.

And now, we are finally going to finish our TABLOID STORIES!
Darrale is going to read his out loud—can I get one more volunteer?  Pretty please?  C’mon!  J

1.      Get out your Tabloid Story rubric, and grab your rough draft off the arts-and-crafts table.
2.     Review the rubric carefully, so you know how you’ll be graded.
3.     Re-read your rough draft.
4.     Think about how you can make it stronger.
5.     Type your final draft!
6.    Feel free to PEER CONFERENCE with someone if you get stuck or need a fresh pair of eyes on your story.

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