Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wednesday, May 5th, 2010



  • About half the class read their Autobiographical Poems, and we commented on what we learned about the author.  We took notes on our blue sheet.

Writing Lesson

  • Diction--we looked at and discussed the E.B. White sentence on page 51.  
Writing Revision--Sense Poem Final Draft
  •   Read page 61—this shows WHAT you’re supposed to be doing now.
  •   Read over your rubric—any questions?
  •   Revise!  J  Do what is says on page 61.
  •   Save and print a final copy.

Turn it in like this:
·      Rubric on top (filled out!)
·      Final draft
·      Rough draft

  • I finished mid-term conferences with almost everyone today.


  • Complete the one or two late homework assignments I highlighted on your mid-term printout.  THESE ARE DUE TOMORROW.

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