Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


  • Answerless Questions, #1-#7
Point of View/Sharing
  • We finished sharing the Autobiographical Poems aloud, and we took notes about two things we learned about each writer.
Writing Lesson/Review
  • I put up everyone's first lines from the LOVE IS LIKE poems, and everyone chose ONE of the similes to work on.  Each of us wrote down three comparisons we thought the author could use in his/her poem.  Then we picked a second simile to work on.
  • I will read your similes, and we'll reveal who wrote what tomorrow in class.  You'll get your simile sugestions as well.
  • Everyone got back the rough draft of the the Love is Like poem, with comments from me.
  • We revisited and reviewed our Early Memory Memoirs (from May 3).  
  • Everyone got his or her paper back with comments from me.  
  • I handed out the peer conference sheet we'll be using tomorrow, and I asked everyone to review and rethink their memoirs with these things in mind.
  • We had twenty minutes to type a second draft, to save and print it.  
  • I also read aloud Alyssa's "Sandwich Bed" Early Memory, as one more model to consider as we create a second draft.
  • Answerless Questions, #8-14

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