Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010


  • We talked about how we're doing with Unit 2.  We asked all the questions on page 31, and each person in class answered at least one question.
  • We had a paper pass-back, and we did a folder log-in.
Writing Assignment
Autobiographical Poem
  • I had people look at the skeleton for this assignment on page 43.
  • I read Kyle's model on page 44.
  • I read Martha's model from the Big Screen.
  • We talked about how--even though this is a "formula" poem--there a many ways to be creative and specific.
  • We worked for thirty minutes on our first draft, and saved it in the class folder.
  • We got back into small sharing groups, and the last two people in each group read their stories aloud to get questions.
  • None, unless you needed to make-up the Prompt Word Poem Trade-and-Grade

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