Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thursday, April 1st


Writing Experiment

  • I Am a Russian Tailor--we wrote a poem (list) of creative, dramatic lies.
  • I read Kelsey's and Alex's as models, and then we wrote our own poems.
  • We traded three times to star each other's best lines.
  • Everyone shared his/her best line
  • We talked about why clichés are evil.
Writing Assignment 
  • I explained the Trio Cliché Story.
  • I read a model from last year, "Damsel in Distress".
  • I put people in trios to begin searching for clichés online.
  • Almost all groups got the story started, and every group got a firm plot idea.
  • We will finish these on Monday.
  • Journal #1

  • Journal #1

    Please write “yes” or “no” in the blank provided.

    _______1)            I have read page 15 in my textbook about what a journal can be. 
    Here is the one statement I liked best from that page:




    ________2)            I’ve typed, doublespaced a MINIMUM of two pages on any topic of my choosing.                                                  (Keep in mind “acceptable material”.) 
    I can use page 16 in my textbook for ideas, if I want to.

    ________3)            I’m putting my journal in the drawer when I walk in the door on Monday, April 5th.

    My journal is                         fiction                        nonfiction                        poetry                        combination                        (circle one)

  • We walked to the Public Library, and we read there today.

  • We walked to Custom Impressions, and we ordered our t-shirts.
  • We created a four-square with the organizational elements of the book, and we listed what pieces will go in which section.
  • We read aloud and selected.
  • We made general announcements relating to permission slips, submissions, and procedural items.

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