Monday, April 5, 2010

Monday, April 5th, 2010


  • Journal #1 (along with your pink journal half-sheet) 
  • We went over the Unit Overview on page three.  People answered questions, and we discovered we had already gained understanding of a lot of the items on page 3.
  • Everyone got a folder and a yellow log-in sheet.  
  • I passed back papers, one at a time, and I explained the different tenor of my comments on each one.
  • We logged each one in.
  • We decorated our folders.
  • Ten people shared their Earthbook favorites aloud, saying why the selected the piece they did.
  • We had twenty-five minutes to continue and finish our Trio Cliché Stories.  We saved them, and we printed a copy for each group member.
  • None
  • I passed out the syllabus and the book requirements.
  • I handed out a model book report, and Marissa and I did a sample book chat.
  • I showed everyone where the folders are for finding reading group guides.
  • I called people back one at a time for pink sheet conferences, and book talks, if applicable.
  • We finalized the t-shirt order, and I e-mailed Peregrine.
  • I reminded everyone NOT to tell people if they have pieces in Earthbook.  This makes us look unprofessional.  We'll send letters to people around May 1st, letting them know they're in.
  • I reminded everyone to bring back permission slips.
  • I reminded people to create four submissions of their own--DUE MONDAY, 4/12/2010.
  • We read aloud!
  • We talked about potential paper color schemes.

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