Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010


Stewart Writing Buddy Prep
  • We started out with story time!  We crammed into the carpet corner, and I read THINGS THAT ARE MOST IN THE WORLD.
  • We looked at models of other -est things, along with their illustrations.
  • We work on our own sentence and illustration.
  • We got our Sense Poem looking good, and we made a cover sheet for our Stewart packet.
  • People continued to hand these in.
  • I talked to about half the class about their Revised Poem grade.
  • I handed out the questions and directions for the Portfolio Reflection.
  • I extended the deadline for Portfolios to THURSDAY.
  • I showed about half the class how to save their EB submissions into the Student Volume folder.  Four EB subs are required; more than four will earn some extra credit.

  • I showed an example of SUBSTANTIAL revision, and I talked about how high my expectations are for these revisions.
  • I showed an example of an EXCELLENT peer conference, again, stressing that my expectations for this are high.
  • We spent the rest of the block revising or conferencing.
With Me
  • I continued having short story conferences with people.
  • I also had grade conferences with some people.
  • I handed out copies of stories to people who had missed a Fiction Circle or two, and needed to do make-up reading and commenting.

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