Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday, 3/29/2010



Wrting Assignment
  • Free Write #1--we wrote for ten straight minutes on a subject of our choosing.
Begin with the End in Mind!
  • We viewed portfolios from third term, and we filled out page 7 in our textbooks.
  • We discussed page 7 as a group, and we made sure we fleshed out our notes.
  • We read Earthbook the last twenty minutes, after I passed out and explained the Earthbook Reading Assignment. 
  • None
We discussed the following questions:
  • What is this class?
  • How is it organized?
  • Why should I take this class?
  • How can I get the grade I want?
  • Everyone selected a book and started reading.
  • I handed out yellow Reading Records, which everyone filled out.
  • Everyone filled out a pink Reading Log to document his/her reading for the block.

We talked a bit about the following:
  • Book Themes--so far we like STAGES OF GROWTH, FOOD/MEALS, and ELEMENTS.
  • Nicknames--we started a list of potential nicknames, and we will mull it over between now and Thursday.
  • What we like about old EBs; what we don't like about old EBs--we started a list of things we like and things we don't so that by Thursday we will have created a vision of what we want the magazine to be.  Add to the lists as we move through the week.
  • We read aloud for about forty minutes.
  • Jennica worked on the snack chart.
For Tuesday
  • Daily Log
  • Continued discussion of THEMES and NICKNAMES
  • Continued listing of likes and dislikes
  • Read aloud
  • Job assignments announced
For Wednesday
  • Nick--Growth/Stages T-shirt idea
  • Mac--Food/Meals T-shirt idea
  • Jennica--Elements T-shirt idea

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