Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday, 2/24/2010

Late start due to weather


  • We talked about our updated schedule for the Children's Story, and we talked about what else we needed in order to finish our stories.
Writing Lesson
  • I presented several binding options (calendar-type; staple, brads; yarn), and people started considering those.
  • We talked about layout for the story--whether yours will be horizontal or vertical.
  • We talked about how to lay out a page--cutting illustrations to fit; chunking text on the page; plotting the whole story out before actually printing the story.
  • We had about thirty-five minutes to concentrate on our Children's Stories, and people spent their time working out the kinks of their stories, laying out the book, creating illustrations, and thinking about binding.
  • I also listened to a few more people read their Earliest Memory poems.
  • Thanks to Crystal and Christina for bringing them today!
  • Do anything necessary for getting your book ready to lay out tomorrow in class.

Children's Story
  • We went to Stewart to be interviewed by our second-graders, and to read to them.  We all got a lot of good info over these last two days, and most people feel ready to begin creating their stories.
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