Saturday, February 27, 2010

Thursday, 2/25/2010

  • We went over the rubric for the children's story.
  • We got into groups of three, and we read our stories aloud, walking people through our illustrations.  Our groups went through the rubric together after each story.
  • We solved some layout issues, which we discussed, and then people decided on a plan and format for laying out their stories.  And then we started in earnest to lay everything out.  We reformatted pages as needed; we decided to use page protectors as a way to organize the layout process and present our books.  We solved a lot of miscellaneous issues today during workshop, and the stories are coming along really well!
  • Come in to class MONDAY (classes cancelled for Friday, due to sewer issues) with an almost-final copy of your story, laid out, and organized; we will have twenty minutes to do last-minute finishing touches, and then you will fill out your rubrics, and hand them in.

Children's Story
  • We discussed what a good children's story has (elements).
  • Tayler started us a big list of "YES!" elements for a children's story.
  • We got into groups to read our favorite children's stories to each other, and see what made them our favorites.
  • We talked again as a class about what makes a good children's story.
Graphic Memoirs
  • We viewed the rest of the Graphic Memoirs, and then we read our take-out box comments.
  • Carefully, thoughtfully create TWO (2) illustrations for your children's story.
  • Complete at least TWO (2) frames on your storyboard.
  • Bring a note from Mom or Dad that says you have permission to drive to Stewart Monday, ride with someone else, and/or transport other people in your vehicle.

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