Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tuesday, 2/23/2010

No school Monday due to weather


  • Four illustrations for children's story
  • Conflict sheet
Teacher Conference
  • Everyone talked with me today about his/her storyboard, conflicts, illustrations and overall story progress.
Workshop/Writing Assignment
  • Everyone typed the children's storybook.  Our goal was ABOUT 1 1/2 pages, typed, doublespaced.  Tomorrow we will work on layout and design.
  • We traded stories with a partner, and we read each other's story, then commented about the orange sheet requirements:  character, plot, appropriateness, etc.
  • Do ANYTHING you need to do to finalize your book (writing, illustrations, orange sheet requirements), because tomorrow in class, we will need almost all our time to design the book, lay it out, and bind it.

  • a favorite children's storybook
Children's Story
  • We headed over to Stewart to interview our second-graders, listen to them read to us, have lunch with them, and go to recess!
  • Read over your interview responses, and start thinking of story ideas for your second-grader.  Fill out the neon green sheet, and create an illustration of your second-grader.

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