Friday, February 19, 2010

Friday, 2/19/2010


  • Autobiographical Poem w/Rubric
  • Facebook Character Profile for First-Grader
  • Completed Storyboard
  • We went to work with our first-grade writing buddies today.  
  • Most everyone got approval on his/her storyboard, which was a relief.
  • Most everyone got illustrations for the story drawn by first-graders.
  • Other people asked a few more questions and got to know their buddies better.
  • Illustrate FOUR (4) pages for your story.
  • Complete the Conflict worksheet.

  • Graphic Memoir
  • Photo Memory Memoir w/two peer conferences
Big Screen
  • We workshopped the rest of the poems on the Big Screen.
  • We viewed some of the Graphic Memoirs, and we gave each person a nice 
Children's Story Prep
  • I handed out the green and pink sheets for what's happening Tuesday and Wednesday.
  • We got back into our groups, and we added any interview questions we want to ask next week that aren't already on our list.
  • Bring a children's picture book that you enjoyed as a kid.  Be prepared to read it aloud to the class.

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