Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, 2/18/2010


Writing Reminder

  • All words have denotations, and a lot of them have connotations as well.  Diction matters.
  • We went over page 29, and a lot of people shared their noisy, quiet, colorful, and funny words.

Children's Story

  • I handed out the requirements for the children's story and went over them.
  • I handed out the Facebook Character Sketch.
  • We worked on the character sketch and the storyboard from 8:35-9:15.
  • We worked on the Autobiographical Poem and Rubric for the last twenty minutes.
  • Completed character sketch
  • Completed story board
  • Completed Autobiographical Poem w/Rubric
  • Recess clothes


Big Screen

  • Today we workshopped poems from the following people:  Bethan, Greg, Miranda, Miguel, Courtney, Brittany.

Children's Story Prep

  • We got into groups of three, and we spent ten minutes created questions to use when we interview our second-grader.
  • We talked a little bit about the procedure for the children's story unit.
Peer Conferencing
  • We traded our rough drafts of our Photo Memory Memoir with a partner, and we completed a thoughtful peer conference for him/her.
  • Complete a second peer conference over the Photo Memory Memoir

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