Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday, 2/10/2010

No school Tuesday due to snow


Writing Lesson
  • Dialogue--we read the questions on page 39, so we'd know what to look for in the reading pages 37-8.  After everyone worked on the sheet and the reading with a partner, we got back together and checked page 39 as a class.  
  • Joe, Rachel, Miranda and I read the short story on page 40 so everyone could see dialogue-writing and editing in action.
  • I talked about how different, "Stop it," Willis said is from "Stop it," Willis scolded/giggled/pleaded.  Page 41 is a good resource page for finding different ways to say "said".
Writing Assignment
  • We revised our Where Were You Last Night assignment with the checklist, focusing on strong title, paragraphing and dialogue.  We tracked our changes so that revisions are obvious.  We will share this story aloud in small groups, then have time to do a final revision.
  • We zipped around the room, and everyone shared what idea or title he/she is considering for the final portfolio.  
  • We got into groups of five and shared our second drafts of the Stretching the Truth memoir.  (This took much longer then planned, due to printing difficulties, but anywho....)   We wrote comments on the writer's draft to help with the final revision.
Writing Lesson
  • We read What Kids Say About Love on pages 73-4.  Every person shared one of his/her favorites.
Writing Assignment
  • I read Carol Ann Duffy's "Valentine" poem, and then I read four other models.  Love is an onion, an Oldsmobile, a Clorox WIpe, a sandal, a jar....  We brainstormed about what else love could be compared to.  We will type and share our poems in class tomorrow.

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