Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thursday, 2/11/2010

  • We reviewed the poetry terms we already introduced, and people who hadn't given me a term yet did so.  We spent a little time talking about each one.
Writing Assignment
  • Autobiographical Poem--I went over the pattern for the poem (on page 44), and then I read Kyle's example (p. 45).  I also read Martha's and James',  so that everyone could see how creative these poems can be.
  • We spent about twenty minutes to create a typed first draft, which we handed in.
  • I handed out the information for the small group sharing and questioning over draft two of the Where Were You Last Night?
  • We got into groups of five, and everyone read his/her piece aloud and received questions and comments.
  • Musical Memory Journal


Writing Assignment
  • We spent the first twenty-ish minutes typing our "Valentine" poem (model on page 80), and we saved them on the Student Volume so we could see everyone's.
  • We wrote a creative, genuine compliment to the three people we drew, and then we put those compliments in their take-out boxes.
  • I read one compliment per person, and then gave the take-out boxes to people so they could hear their other two compliments.  The compliments you gave each other were wonderful!
  • We put the "Valentine" poems up on the Big Screen, and we read them aloud.  Wow--they turned out really well!
  • Stretching the Truth w/rubric

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