Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday, 2/15/2010


Writing Assignment
  • We reviewed the questions we got from your group on Thursday and listed a couple we wanted to answer in our revision of Where Were You Last Night?
  • I went over the checklist for this assignment.
  • We had twenty minutes to revise and type our final drafts, then turn them in.
Stewart Preparation
  • We talked about what a short story is, or what it often has:  plot, complication, character, resolution, lesson/moral/theme, protagonist and antagonist, title....
  • I passed out the procedure for tomorrow, and I passed out interview questions, which people went over in groups, and added to as needed.
  • I talked about the procedure in more detail, and I reminded everyone to bring a coat for recess tomorrow!
  • We had a paper pass-back and a folder log-in.
  • Prepare for your interview with the first-graders.

  • Stretching the Truth, with rubric
  • I went over the big picture for the week--writing one last memoir, writing a graphic memoir, writing a couple of poems related to childhood, and interviewing a second-grader who will become the main character in our children's story.
  • We passed back papers, and we did a folder-log in.
  • I had grade confer
Writing Assignment
  • We discussed page 24, the requirements for the Photo Memory.
  • We got into a groups of five, and we shared our photos and what we wrote on page 23.
  • We grabbed an iBook and typed for twenty minutes on a draft #1 of the Photo Memory.
Writing Experiment
  • Two Lenses (p. 5)--I read the models, after explaining the assignment, and we took ten minutes to type a rough draft.

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