Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tuesday, 2/16/2010


Children's Story Prep
  • We went to Stewart and interviewed our first-grade buddy.  We also read stories, drew pictures, and played at recess.  Everyone did a super job working with their kiddos!

Organization/Big Picture
  • I went over the plan for the day, and I reminded everyone of our two focus points:  memoirs, and kids.
Writing Assignment
  • I introduced the requirements for the Graphic Memoir (p. 38).
Partner Work
  • We read the six questions on page 39 aloud, since those are the questions we have to answer with our partner.
  • I explained how I wanted people to read and view Art Spiegleman's Maus, pages 40-45.
  • We came back together as a class to talk about page 39.
  • Maus by Art Spiegleman
  • "Broken Tragedy" by Emilee Parriott
  • Two Lenses (typed draft due by end of block)
  • Photo Memory Memoir (typed draft due by end of block)
  • Graphic Memoir (due Friday)
  • Two Lenses and Photo Memory Memoir, IF you did not finish them today in class

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