Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Late start due to weather


Writing Experiment
  • #2--I Am a Russian Tailor
  • I shared a couple of poems from last year, poems made up of creative, dramatic lies.  We took ten minutes to write our poems.  When we finished, we traded with someone and had them star the two lines they liked the best.  We buzzed around the room and let each person share one line/lie.
  • We looked at the Unit One Overview on page 3, and we answered the questions as a class.
Writing Review
  • We talked about some of the elements a story needs:  plot, character(s), setting, conflict, title.
  • We reminded ourselves about the goals for the Trio Cliché Story (use as many clichés as possible; create a recognizable story).
Writing Assignment
  • We got back into our trios, and we spent twenty minutes finishing our stories.
  • Writing Experiment #3--Spilled Popcorn, Grateful, or Leaver or Leavee

Big Idea
  • We talked a little about poetic thinking?  What does that mean?  What is it?  Generally speaking, we need to keep our mind open to the notion that poetic thinking is valuable in all kinds of activities--not just in writing poems.
Writing Lesson
  • We talked about onomatopoeia--people have a basic understanding of what it is, and we brainstormed a few onomatopoeia words:  bam, crack, pow, meow, peep.
  • I read Carl Sandburg's poem, "Honky Tonk in Cleveland, Ohio, aloud, while people circled the sounds they heard in the poem:  crashes, razzes, neighs, weep.
  • I read Eve Merriam's "Onomatopoeia" aloud, and again people circled the sound words.
  • We broke into trios, and one person from each group read Edgar Allen Poe's poem "The Bells" aloud.  People circled the sound words, and then on page 58, the group tried to explain HOW Poe conveyed sound with different words.
  • We came back together as a class, and each group shared a word from page 58, along with an explanation about how it created sound.
Writing Assignment
  • Writing Experiment #3--Form and Meaning
  • I explained the assignment from page 3, and I read two models from last year.  I reviewed some sound concepts that might be useful in the poetry-writing.
  • We had twenty minutes to complete this assignment and save it in the class folder.
  • Five people signed up to be workshopped tomorrow:  Tad, Tayler, Jennica, Tyler, Katey Jo.
  • We went through the list of words we want to banish, and each person took one to submit to the website tomorrow.
  • None, except to be ready to submit your banished word on line in class tomorrow

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