Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday, January 15, 2010


Homework Due
  • Journal #1
Writing Lesson
  • We reviewed what cliches are, and why they tend to weaken our writing.
  • We checked out the big cliché list on pages 19-20.  We talked about some of the ones we'd never heard of, and we talked about a few we liked.
  • We spent a few minutes working on page 18 again, and then we traded papers a couple of times so we could see each other's work.  We went around the room and let everyone share his or her best anti-cliché.
Collaborative Writing Assignment
  • I explained the Cliché Group Writing Assignment (p. 21), and I read a model by Nick, Andy and Jamie.
  • We split into trios, and we started looking for clichés we wanted to use in our stories.  And then we began writing our cliché stories.
  • None

Homework Due

  • Still Life Poem
Writing Lesson--Diction
  • We reviewed the Banished Words assignment.  
  • We put each group's list of Banished Words up on the Big Screen and discussed them.
  • Morgan pointed out that words evolve over time in some cases, and that they may go from a positive to a negative connotation, or vice-versa.
  • We voted on our top words.  We'll submit them to the website later this week.
Writing Lesson--Poetry
  • We talked about the kinds of things we wanted people to comment on when we workshop poems.
  • Six people volunteered to have their Story as Poem poems workshopped on the Big Screen:  Mallory, Morgan, Miranda, Nic, Greg, and Brit.  People made constructive comments, and we noted comments, then printed the workshopped copies.
  • We decorated our folders and our nametags.
  • None

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