Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday, 1/22/2010

Late start due to ice


  • We talked about the importance of TRUST in this class (p. 1).
  • We talked about ACCEPTABLE MATERIAL.  We came up with a list of things that would not be appropriate for assignments, and we took notes.
  • I explained the Journal #1 Assignment, and I gave a handout to go along with my explanations.  Use pages 16-17 for help.
  • We made our folders, and we made our nametags.
Writing Lesson
  • We went over the worksheet for pages 4-5, to review 1) what Earthbook is, 2) what material is acceptable, and 3) what academic cheating is.
Reading Assignment
  • I passed out the Earthbook reading assignment sheet, and people spent the last ten minutes reading or decorating their folders.
  • Journal #1 (See your bright yellow handout for requirements.)

Homework Due
  • Timed Journal #1--Tiny or Immense
  • We read lines from the class poem we wrote yesterday:  Tyler's, Brit's, Court's, and Miranda's.  It was cool to see how they almost made poems on their own.  
  • I will get poems copied, and then we can all make poems with our own lines.
Writing Assignment
  • Writing Experiment #2--Tell a Story in a Poem--I read a model poem and the directions on pages 2-3, and then we took twenty minutes to type a Story Poem.
  • We saved them in our own Student Volumes, as well as saving them in the Advanced Creative Writing folder.
Writing Lesson
  • I handed out the next section of the textbook, which has to do with diction, and poetry.
  • We talked about the Banished Words Lists on pages 48-51.
  • We auctioned off the guys in the room, and formed trios to complete the assignment on page 51--a list of ten words YOUR trio would banish.
  • We saved our lists in the class folder, and we'll look at them Monday.
  • I explained the homework on page 4--Still Life.  I read the two models.
  • Make sure you type your poem.

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