Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tuesday, January 19th, 2010

(Late start due to fog)


  • I welcomed everyone to the first day of third term.
  • Everyone picked up section one of the textbook.
  • Everyone wrote at least one question about class, and I answered a few of them.
Writing Assignment
  • We spent ten minutes writing Free Write #1--any topic.
  • I talked about the importance of BEGINNING WITH THE END IN MIND.  To that end, I showed several portfolios, and then we spent about twenty minutes looking at various portfolios, and filling out page 8 in the book (Portfolio Viewing).
  • We then talked as a class about how people went about creating their portfolios.
Homework (due by tardy bell tomorrow)
  • Read the worksheet questions (reading strategy).
  • Then read pages 4 and 5 in your book.
  • Fill out the worksheet.

  • I welcomed everyone to the first day of third term.
  • Everyone picked up the first few sections of the text book.
  • I handed out the syllabus, and I went over the BIG IDEAS for this class!
  • I gave a broad overview of the activities we'll do.
  • I asked everyone to write to me about why they signed up for the class, and what they want to do this term.
Writing Assignment
  • I read three models for Writing Experiment #1--I Had the Weirdest Dream (p. 1).
  • People typed for twenty minutes to create their poem.
  • We traded iBooks with at least two other people, so we could share the poems.
  • Five people volunteered to read, and they read aloud.
Being Critical
  • We talked about HOW to talk about poetry.  We started a list of common vocabulary we can use:  consonance, alliteration, rhyme, title, repetition, theme and imagery.
Silliness/Diction Practice
  • We play Catchphrases for the last five minutes.
  • None

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