Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday, 10/21/2009


Critical Approaches
  • We talked some about how we are capable of reading anything on our own, from our own perspective.  But sometimes we want to consider viewing literature through a lens to focus on a certain aspect of the text.  We talked briefly about a historical approach, a biographical one, a psychological one, and a feminist one.  Then we got into pairs, and each pair did some research on its assigned approach/lens.  We had thirty-five minutes to work.  Pairs will present their information to the class on Friday.
Vocabulary Review
  • I went through vocabulary with everyone one time.
  • We talked for five minutes or so to clarify a few questions, and then we took the reading quiz over chapters 13-18.
Workshop Time
  • Read the novel through page 164 for tomorrow.
  • Read and think about your Critical Approach pair assignment.
  • Study your vocabulary for Friday's quiz.


We're preparing for the fluency final--busy, busy, busy!  :-) 

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