Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thursday, 10/22/2009


  • We took a few minutes to write Free Write #2 in our RJs.  The general topic was Frankenstein, and people could journal about big questions, philosophical stuff, something that's bugging them about the book, etc.
  • We checked the quizzes from yesterday while Nick and Greta finished getting ready for their Critical Approaches presentation.
Philosophy (twenty-five minutes)
We got into groups, and each group discussed one of the following (from our purple philosophy pages):
  • Ends and Means (pp. 64-7)
  • Categorical Imperative (72-5)
  • Golden Rule (76-9)
  • Acts of Omission (80-3)
We got back together as a class and briefly discussed the main idea and an example from each idea.

Critical Approaches
Nick and Greta presented the HISTORICAL approach.  The told what it was, then told us some of what was going on in the early 1800s in Europe.
We took notes over four things:
  • WHAT is it?
  • WHY use it?
  • What LIMITATIONS are there in this approach?
  • What does FRANKENSTEIN look like through this lens/approach?
  • It's on the wiki.

  • We continued to prepare for the fluency final.  We rehearsed, and we lined up appointments with teachers and staff for tomorrow and Monday.  We decided who was going to whose room at Stewart.

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