Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday, 10/23/2009

  • We took the vocabulary quiz, which everyone pronounced "totally easy".   :-)
  • We took fifteen minutes to do any last-minute prep needed for our Critical Approaches presentations.
  • Each pair presented its Critical Approach, while the class asked questions and took notes.
  • We took a little time at the end to plan our party/blowout/celebration/taco feast for next Thursday.
  • We decided we would watch the 1994 Frankenstein movie on Thursday, from the lab/creation scene through the end.  John will procur it for our viewing enjoyment.
  • Finish the novel, AND do the wiki assignment, which I will have posted by Saturday morning.
Have a good weekend!

  • We read to teachers and staff today to rehearse for the fluency final.
  • We read to Olivia, an actual seven-year-old, to see if our books are appropriate for that age group.
  • We reviewed vocabulary with our partners/trios.
  • We passed back a bunch of papers and organized them.
  • We reviewed our grade printouts, and we made notes to KW about anything she needs to talk to us about next week, grade-wise.
  • Perform your story for a family member.  Have him/her fill out the orange sheet for your reading.

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