Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday, 10/26/2009


  • We took some time to talk about how ACTs went for people that took them Saturday.
  • We talked about the overview for the week.
  • We talked about Shelley's allusion to Prometheus.  We discussed some of the questions on page 77 of the green pages, as well as things that cropped up along the way.
Romantic Art
  • I showed a slideshow about Romantic art (yes, another one), and then I explained the Romantic Art Response assignment.  We had about half an hour to look for artwork and start thinking about our responses.  (We also had time to look up the Elephant Man, the Tree Man, and celebrities who share our birthdays.  :-)  )
  • Romantic Art Response--due WEDNESDAY
  • If you STILL haven't finished the novel, get after it--we will have a READING QUIZ tomorrow.
  • We did more rehearsals with teachers and staff.
  • People reviewed the vocabulary in pairs.
  • We took the final vocabulary quiz.
  • Rehearse the book you know the least at home tonight with a parent, sibling or friend.

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