Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday, 10/6/2009



  • People showed me their two reading journals.

Excerpt from How Reading Changed My Life

  • We discussed various ideas from this chapter.

"My Oedipus Complex"  

  • We discussed reactions to this piece, connected our own family lives to the story, and talked about some of the RJ questions.

Mid-Term Exam Review

  • We got back into our groups from yesterday and continued crafting questions for the mid-term.


  • Review carefully and thoughtfully the material you'll be asked about on the mid-term Thursday and Friday (pink sheet).

Student Teaching
  • In third block I reviewed the expectations for the teaching (two orange sheet handouts).  (Fourth block received information yesterday.)  I answered questions and addressed concerns.
  • We reviewed BELLICOSE and EMBELLISH, and we learned two new words, TORTUOUS and PRECARIOUS.  We talked about them, gave examples, posed possible memory trick drawings, then recorded them on our green grid.  Joe and Landon taught us in fourth block.
  • We practiced PHRASING with Phrasing Worksheet #1.  We worked in trios in third block, then handed in the sheet at the end of ten minutes.  In fourth block, Brad and Justin taught us as a group and did a great job.
Read and Relax
  • We had thirty-five minutes to read.
Six-Way Paragraph
  • "Stronger Than an Elephant"  John M. and Holly walked us through this.

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