Monday, October 5, 2009

Monday, 10/5/2009


  • I passed out the order form for Frankenstein.  Please bring your money for the book by Thursday.
  • I passed out grade sheets, and I conferenced with people as necessary during in-class essay time.
Mid-Term Exam Review (thirty-five minutes) 
  • We got into groups, and we came up with questions for the exam to show what we know.  We considered Bloom's Taxonomy in creating questions.  We typed our questions, and we saved them on the Student Volume.  
In-Class Essay
  • We had about thirty minutes to work on the almost-final draft of this essay.
  • Read "My Oedipus Complex" on pages 64-72.
  • Resond to the RJ questions, #1-6, on page 72.
  • (I will also check the RJ for How Reading Changed My Life, which was due today.)


  • We handed back papers, and filed those in our binder sections.
  • I handed out grade conferences, and I talked with people as needed during Read and Relax.
  • We talked about BELLICOSE and EMBELLISH.  We worked on the green sheet together, then filled out our green vocab charts.
  • I handed out some rules for Phrasing.  We practiced them together, and then on our own, and we completed the sheet and turned it in.
Read and Relax
  • We had twenty-five minutes today.
  • I read Officer Buckle and Gloria, and people made phrasing marks for one page from the book.  I modeled what it will be like when you guys are reading to your Stewart buddies at the end of this month.

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