Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday, 10/19/2009


  • We filed our Free Write #1 in our binder with our other essays.
  • We discussed one reponse from everyone's wiki-post over pages 73-103.
  • We also discussed nagging questions we had at this point in the reading.
Workshop Time (about forty-five minutes)
  • Eight people did the online review for the ACTs for English (
  • Six people read Frankenstein.
  • I had writing conferences with Brittany and Anne.
  • Read pages 103-123.  We will have a reading quiz tomorrow.
3rd Block
  • I explained what we need to get done today at the library.  I explained how to fill out the library visit form.
  • We walked to the library, and Jo Weidner read to us!  She also suggested books we could read to our Stewart buddies, and how we should read to kids.
  • We had time to select books for the Fluency Final, and we started reading them aloud to each other today.
4th Block
  • We had a quiet work period.  People worked on their Reading Final, or on their checklist items.

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