Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday, 10/16/2009


  • I passed out notes for Romanticism in Art, Delacroix, Literary Movements, and Romanticism in general.
  • We looked at a Delacroix slideshow, with accompanying music by Chopin.  We talked about resonances we saw between music, art, and literature.
  • We watched a slideshow of Romantic art, accompanied by "Adagio for Strings".
  • We reviewed the new vocabulary, and then we played two rounds of Slap It.
  • We got into small groups, and we talked about questions we had over the reading, pages 53-73.  I asked each group to write down one question they did not finish answering, so we could talk about it as a class on Monday.
Professor Foster
  • We read the "Season" chapter from Professor Foster.
  • I passed back mid-term exams.
  • Read to page 103 in Frankenstein, and post questions per the wiki assignment.


3rd Block

  • We reviewed the twelve vocab words, and then we played two rounds of Slap It!
  • I handed out the graphic of the four different kinds of questions, and we talked about them briefly.  Everyone got with a partner, and we read the "Spiders" passsage and discussed it.  For the eight questions, we told WHAT kind of question it was, and then we ANSWERED the question.  We got back together as a class and shared our answers.
Six-Way Paragraph
  • Hurricanes--Nicki and Danielle taught it.
Read and Relax
  • We had thirty minutes.
4th Block
  • I gave updates regarding the Fluency Final and the cancellation of the library field trip on Monday.
Reading Final
  • I handed out directions and the story for the final:  "A Rose for Emily", by William Faulkner.  People spent the block working on it.

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