Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

  • We started class with the wiki questions you posted last night for pages 9-24 of the novel.
  • We had ten minutes to read Frankentein pp 25-46 at the end of the block.
Professor Foster
  • We discusssed Foster chapter, "It's More Than Just Rain or Snow".  Everyone made one comment about an annotation he or she had made.
  • We defined about half the vocab terms (on purple cards).  We'll finish those tomorrow.
  • Finish the reading, through page 46, and post three discussion points on wiki tonight, please.
  • We took the first ten or fifteen minutes to hand back and sort papers, review our grade printouts, and complete our checklist.
  • I went over what we'll be doing the last thirteen days of the term.
  • We got into groups of four and played Guess the Emotion!
  • We took a pre-quiz over our ten new words.
  • I introduced "PROLIFIC" and "CHASTISE" as our last two new words.
  • We made vocab. cards for our twelve most recent words.

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