Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Wednesday, 9/9/2009


We discussed pages 28-38 from They Say/I Say.  
I went over the Paper #1 guidelines again and reminded people of due dates.
We talked about what a possible thesis for this paper might be.  Tyler, Greta, Nick and Cassey shared their ideas.

We looked at Hercules again, labors 5 and 6.

Create a working thesis for Paper #1.
Read, highlight and annotate Professor Foster's chapter 6:  "When in Doubt, It's from Shakespeare".


Book Reviews
I talked about today being our target day for finishing a book, if we're shooting for an A/B for our reading grade.
I handed out an example of a solid response to a book review question.
I showed everyone where the binders are, so people can get questions for their books when they finish reading.
I conferenced with several people today about the books they've finished, and I'll continue conferencing as needed.

Read and Relax
We had about thirty minutes to read today.

Vocabulary Review
We made eleven vocabulary flashcards today--word on one side, definition and picture on the other.  We will use these cards for review.


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