Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tuesday, 9/8/2009


I talked about the importance of posting by the deadline times so that others have the opportunity to respond to you.

We had a Barbie art show; we viewed all the mythological Barbies on the Big Screen, and then we took notes on the three most important characteristics of each goddess/human/creature.
We watched about fifteen minutes of the History Channel's "Gods and Goddesses".

I handed out the AP writing rubric.
I went over the process for writing Paper #1.

Read, highlight, and annotate (at least ten comments) They Say/I Say, pages 28-38.  Keep in mind how some of this information might help you write your paper.


Homework Due
People put their yellow sheets in the drawer.

Vocabulary Review
We reviewed the nine words, starting with pronunciation and thumbs up, then moving to individual review on notebook paper (turned in for daily grade).

Strategy Review and Practice
We talked about HOW we were able to make inferences about "A Wife's Story" and about the imaginary person who owned the popcorn, the car, and the bag.  We talked about how inferencing is reading between the lines.
With a partner, we read and responded to the Kate Chopin passage, and then we went over our answers as a class.

Read and Relax/Bookmark Journal
We had about thirty-five minutes to read.
We did a BMJ for Making an Inference and for Comment.

Vocabulary Instruction
I introduced two new words today, and we talked about them:  germinate and holocaust.
We filled in our green vocab grids.


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