Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday, 9/4/2009


  • Everyone turned the Mythological Barbie assignment into the drawer.
  • Heroes, Then and Now--I talked about how the Greeks saw their heroes.
  • We watched a couple of clips from Hercules to see how Disney viewed this most famous of Greek heroes.
  • In groups of four, we read the hero wiki-posts, and we did the following:  identified the five most important heroic characteristics, according to our class; say who's a hero and why, according to our class; and tell how our culture's definition and ideal of "hero" might differ from the Greek's.
  • We read a bit (and took notes) about Hercules, focusing on his twelve labors.  We learned about four of the labors today.
Check your e-mail and the wiki-page for your assignment, which centers on Professor Foster's chapter, "Now Where Have I Seen Her Before?"

  • We passed back several sets of papers.
  • I explained how to plot your six-way paragraph scores, and we plotted our first four.
  • I explained how to talk to a teacher about your grades, and then I passed out gradesheets.
  • I passed out and explained the homework (yellow sheet).
  • I had grade chats with anyone who needed to talk.
  • We read for twenty-five minutes.
Strategy Instruction and Practice--Making Inferences
  • I showed three items that could belong to a person, and we made inferences based on what those items meant.  For example, when people saw an empty box of microwave popcorn, they inferred that the owner liked to watch movies, or liked to have parties, or didn't know how to cook.
  • Then I read aloud Ursula LeGuin's "The Wife's Story", and I shared the inferences I was making.  I then asked people to share their inferences as I read.  
  • People recorded the inferences on their paper, then turned them in.
Vocabulary Review
  • We had about ten minutes for review today, and we spent it with white boards and markers.  We practiced the nine words we've learned so far.
Homework (yellow sheet)
  • Show your parent your grade sheet.
  • Read for an hour.
  • Check out the blog.

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