Thursday, September 3, 2009

Thursday, 9/3/2009


They Say/I Say
We discussed the reading people did from last night.  We talked about what we agreed with, what we had questions about, what made sense to us, and what we might want to keep in mind for future writing.
As a class, we did the exercises on page 27, taking an "I Say" statement, and created a "They Say" statement to go along with it.  

We worked on Mythology Barbie for about thirty minutes.  People will finish them up for homework, then hand them in tomorrow.  I'll scan them, and we'll see them on the Big Screen on Tuesday.

Professor Foster
We started reading "Now Where Have I seen Her Before?", highlighting and annotating.  We read for about fifteen minutes, and then we stopped and discussed for five minutes--people made a lot of thoughtful connections.  This was a stellar five-minute discussion!  :-)

Homework for Friday
Mythology Barbie

Homework for Tuesday
Finish reading, highlighting and annotating, "Now Where Have I Seen Her Before?"

Vocabulary Review
We reviewed the nine words we've learned thus far.

Six-Way Paragraph
Everyone read and answered questions over "The Last Soldier".
People read and relaxed for a few minutes, until everyone completed the assignment.
We checked the paragraphs, scored them, then turned them in.

Field Trip
We walked to the Public Library.
We heard a bit about what's available at the library, were the young adult materials are, and what the new library will offer.
We read for about thirty minutes.


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