Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Wednesday, 9/2/2009


Hemingway's "Cat in the Rain"
  • Everyone showed me their RJ for this story for a homework grade; after our discussion, everyone turned in the RJ so I could read all responses.
  • We started with Hemingway's Iceberg Theory and how we saw it working in his story.  From there we talked about people's questions, reactions, and insights about the story.
Something to Stew About
  • For our first paper, we're going to writing an argument, something along the lines of, "__________ is a minimalist work of fiction."  Each person will use a fiction piece of his or her choosing.  Don't do any writing or prep--just let it simmer in your brain for a few days.
  • We finished the presentations today.  Katie B. presented Cerberus; Sarah presented Aphrodite; and Brit presented the minotaur.
  • We talked about the Mythological Barbie assignment (pages 51-3), looked at the example of Athena Barbie, and started thinking about which female figure from Greek mythology we wanted to present.  
  • Most people chose a person today (list on board).
  • There is no due date for this assignment yet.  We'll talk about it more tomorrow.
  • Read pages 15-27 of your They Say/I Say book.  Talk to the text, making at least ten highlights and annotations.

1)         Strategy Instruction--Reading Actively
Each person read the Momaday passage on his/her own, then responded to the six questions.
When finished, each person found one other person who was also finished to compare notes with.
We then went over the responses as a class.

2)         Vocabulary Instruction
·      RESILIENT                  (bouncing ball)        
·      HAUGHTY                  (nose in the air)
·      AUSTERE                    (serious expression on your face)
·      CATALYST                  (match)

3)         Reading Reminders

4)         Read-and-Relax (Thirty minutes)

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