Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tuesday, 9/1/2009


Reading Journals
  • I handed back RJs, and I talked about what I'm looking for:  complete sentences and complete thoughts; your insights, musing, questions, and hypothesis; and textual evidence to support your ideas.
They Say/I Say
  • We discussed people reactions, questions, comments and observations from reading the preface and the first section of the book.  
  • We culled the wiki posts, and we came up with a class definition of "myth".
  • I read aloud "The Federer Fade", an article about the tennis champ in which the author calls on Greek mythology.
  • We view several more mythology powerpoints:  Greg presented on Achilles and Hector; Allie presented on Perseus; and Allison presented on Atalanta.
  • I handed out a few more notes on minimalism.  :-)
  • We talked a bit out these notes.
  • Read Hemingway's "Cat in the Rain" on pages 9-10.
  • In your RJ, respond to questions 1, 2, 6, 8, and 9.
  • Be prepared mentally (no writing needed) to discuss Hemingway's Iceberg Theory.

Vocabulary Review
  • We reviewed the five vocab words we've learned before with Everybody Up!
Strategy Review--Prediction
  • We recalled events from yesterday's story, "The Candy Bite".
  • We talked about WHY we remembered the events from this story so well--because we STOPPED and THOUGHT about what we were reading, by making PREDICTIONS as we read.
Strategy Practice--Prediction
  • I showed examples of how to do the Bookmark Journal for "Predict".
  • I showed how to head the notes.
Workshop Time (We had about fifty minutes for this today.)
  • Complete the six-way paragraph, The First National Monument.
  • Do your Bookmark Journal over PREDICT.
  • Fill out your pink daily reading log.
  • Read and relax!
  • Have chats with me if you've finished a book.

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