Thursday, September 10, 2009

Thursday, 9/10/2009


Professor Foster
We discussed the Shakespeare chapter.

Paper #1
We zipped around the room and heard almost everyone's thesis.

We watched more of the dvd "Gods and Goddesses", taking "connection" notes.
We whipped around the room and listened to one connection note from almost everyone.

Read pages 39-47 in They Say/I Say.


Six-Way Paragraphs
We discussed and checked "Funeral for a Fly".  We scored it, then threw it in the drawer.
We read and answered "His Final Escape".

Reading Buffet
People worked on their vocabulary cards and finished their set of eleven.
People completed "His Final Escape".
People read and relaxed.
People had conferences with me, if they'd finished Book #1.

Vocabulary Review
We played a couple of games using the vocabulary cards.

None UNLESS you need to finish your cards or finish reading and responding to the Houdini paragraph.

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