Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Wednesday, 9/30/2009


  • People showed me their "Tragedy and the Common Man" RJ answers.
  • We talked about questions people had over the reading.
  • We took a pre-test over the words, so show us which vocab. we still need to study for Friday's quiz.
  • We got into groups of four, and we discussed some of the big questions from Oedipus Rex, but we brought in lots of other topics as well.  I heard the following things being done in groups:  connection, giving examples, questioning, clarifying, explaining, and dropping a topic once it died out.  Well done today, people!  
  • Read "Tragedy After Aristotle" on pages 60-63.  Highlight ten statements that help you understand Brown's argument, OR the arguments other are making.
Paper #1 Conference
  • Tyler and I conferenced.  

Vocabulary Review
  • I handed back the pre-tests we took Monday, and people noted which words they really need to study for Friday's quiz.  I went over Friday's test format, and we took time to practice several of those items.
Strategy Practice--Comparison and Contrast
  • I read aloud the Langston Hughes story "Thank You, Ma'am".  Our main focus was comparison and contrast, looking at how the narrator view himself and Mrs. Jones at the beginning of the story, compared to the end of the story.  But we also stopped periodically to practice our other strategies:  making inferences, making predictions, and visualizing.
Read and Relax
  • We had thirty minutes today to read and relax.

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