Thursday, October 1, 2009

Thursday, 10/1/2009


Free-Write #1
  • We wrote for ten minutes on the following:  what's the best thing you've ever read?  What did it make you feel?  What did it make you think about?  Why did you read it?  Why is it the best thing you've ever read?  When did you read it?  Where did you read it.  We handed them in at the end of ten minutes.
  • We discussed our highlights on "Tragedy After Aristotle".  We talked about the connections we saw, the resonances in other things we've read and talked about this term.
In-Class Essay (forty minutes)
  • We reviewed the writing rubric.
  • We reviewed or annotation over They Say/I Say.
  • We talked about our questions and concerns for this paper.
  • We continued typing our essays.
  • I went around and heard each person's thesis.
Writing Conferences
  • Katie G. and Brad
  • Study for the vocabulary test.
  • We hopped the bus to the Public Library, which had its grand opening today.  We toured the new building, and then we read and relaxed.

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