Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tuesday, September 30, 2009


  • We started out with a quick review of the sixteen vocabulary words.
  • We have a vocab quiz on Friday, so please study your words for ten minutes each night this week.
Oedipus Rex
  • We shared our lists of dramatic ironies in the play.
  • I put up an additional list, and we jotted down any we were missing
  • We talked again about WHY dramatic irony can be effective from a writer's and a reader's/viewer's perspective.
Literary Terms
  • I put up various definitions of "philosophy", and we agreed on two to record in our notes.  We talked about how philosophy ties in with the endeavors of this class.
  • I defined "motif", and I displayed some common literary motifs.  We jotted down in our notes several prominent motifs from the play.
  • I displayed a list of common archetypes, and we added to the list based on our own reading and viewing.  We listed a few archetypes to help us remember what they are and how they function.
  • I handed out a one-page reading on fate, predestination, destiny and free will, along with an in-class writing assignment.  We spent twenty minutes reading, thinking and typing.  We will continue this in-class essay tomorrow (and Thursday, if necessary).
  • I talked about page 55 briefly.  Please re-read it tonight, before you read the Miller essay.
  • Read Arthur Miller's essay about tragedy on pages 56-8.
  • Do a bang-up job responding to the RJ questions on page 59.

  • We started with Everybody Up to review the vocab words.
  • We have a quiz on THURSDAY, so study your words for ten minutes each night.
Strategy Instruction--Comparison/Contrast
  • We talked about how in history or science you might have to read about two things.  It's a good comprehension strategy to think about how things are similar, as well as how they're different.  I put a Venn diagram up, and we compared and contrasted.
Strategy Practice
  • People got with a partner and read the excerpt from One True Thing, then filled out the comparison/contrast diagram.  We got back together as a class and shared our answers, then turned in our work.
Six-Way Paragraph
  • We read and responded to "30 A Blaze of Glory".  We checked it at the end of class.
Read and Relax
  • We about about thirty minutes today.
  • I had book chats and Reading Record updates with as many people as time allowed.  Some people typed their book reports.
  • Study your vocabulary cards for ten minutes.

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