Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Wednesday, 9/23/2009


Oedipus Rex
  • We discussed a bit about pages 1-26.
  • We took the reading quiz.
  • We played the Oedipus game on the Big Screen to review the reading.
  • We talked a little bit about dramatic irony.
  • We spent the last ten minutes of the block reading aloud with Nick as Creon, Brad as the Chorus, and Tyler as Oedipus--thanks, guys!  We agreed it was easier to understand what was going on when we could hear the different voice.  We also stopped every page or so to put into our own words what the guys were saying.
  • The last poetry trio read their two poems.
  • We played a round of Blackout with the new vocabulary words.
  • Read pages 26-40 for Thursday--we'll have a reading quiz.
  • Create an almost-final second draft of your Paper #1--minimum three typed doublespaced pages.

  • We talked about the two new vocabulary words:  NEFARIOUS and FORMIDABLE.
  • We worked on the green vocab sheets.
  • We put the new words on our vocab grids.
  • We made four new vocab flashcards, for a grand total of twenty-one.
Six-Way Paragraph
  • "A Bitter Feud"
Bookmark Journal
  • Question
  • I called almost everyone back today to check some assignments and look at binders.
Read and Relax
  • Most people had at least thirty minutes, and some people had even more.

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