Thursday, September 24, 2009

Thursday, September 24, 2009


  • I passed out mid-term grade printouts, and we took a few minutes to write notes about what we're doing well, what we want to improve on, and what we want our parents to know about our grade sheets.
Paper #1
  • I went over the green peer conference sheet, and each writer filled one out.
  • We traded with a new partner, and we spent twenty-five minutes thoughtfully conferencing over each other's papers.
Oedipus Rex
  • We played the Oedipus Game on the Big Screen.
  • We took the reading quiz over pages 26-40.
  • Read Professor Foster's chapter, "It's Greek to Me".  Highlight or underline, and make at least ten talking-to-the-text annotations.
  • We will read the rest of Oedipus Rex aloud in class tomorrow.


  • I handed out grade printouts, and people wrote a note on the back regarding what they're proudest of, what they want to improve on, and what they want their parent to know about their grade thus far in class.
Strategy Review and Practice (Say It Like the Character)
  • We talked about why fluency is important, not only when you're reading aloud, but also when you're reading to yourself. 
  • We reviewed the four areas of fluency.
  • We practiced on an excerpt from Looking for Alaska.  We noted where we got clues (like Super Signals) about how we should read the text.
  • Two people read the passage aloud after that, and we talked about HOW they knew what expressions to use, etc.
Vocabulary Review
  • We laid out our vocab cards, then we sorted them into little piles where we saw relationships.  We did this until I had a sentence from everyone, which I put up on the Big Screen and talked about.
Read and Relax
  • We had about twenty-five minutes to read today.

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