Friday, September 18, 2009

Thursday, 9/17/2009; Friday, 9/18/2009


We started off the block talking about where we've been, what the big ideas are we've discussed, and what are the questions we've pondered.  We came up with the following:
  • mythology--resonance
  • minimalism
  • how to be a good reader
  • how to be a good writer
  • creating a thesis
  • talking to the text
  • interpreting poetry
  • intertextuality
  • using templates for writing
  • argumentative/persuasive papers
  • how to quote someone/a source/a text
  • how to summarize
  • kindness to authors
  • We talked about several of the RJ questions.
Poetry Trios
  • All but one of the groups read aloud their poems and discussed some observations about their poems.
  • For Friday:  Read, highlight and annotate Professor Foster's chapter on The Bible.
  • For Tuesday:  Do your college research, and fill out the sheet.

Field Trip
  • We left at Snack Break and walked to the Coffee Corner and to Cafe Dodici for snacks.
The Bible
  • We talked about our insights and reactions to Professor Foster's Bible chapter.
  • I read from Revelations about the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and we looked at different representations of them.  
  • I showed Allie Z's powerpoint of the ten plagues on Egypt.  
  • We took notes on all of this, and we started thinking about contemporary resonances of Bible stories.
  • I passed out and explained the vocabulary cards.  
  • College Research
  • Cut up your vocab. cards and put them in a baggie.
  • "The Dangers of Reading Fiction"--check the wiki--everything you need to know is there.

Vocabulary Review
  • We got out our seventeen vocabulary cards, and we reviewed by finding the word and picture after hearing the vocabulary word.
Read and Relax/Field Trip
  • We walked to the Public Library--the last time we will visit it at its current location--and we read for about forty-five minutes.


  • We continued Book Blurbs.
Strategy:  Fluency and Super Signals
  • I read aloud the story "They're Made Out of Meat."  I asked people to comment on what I needed to do to read the story better.  I passed out the Fluency Rubric, which tied in with the improvement comments the class had given me:  read more slowly; read with enthusiasm; stop when you see a period; avoid being monotone.
  • We also made some inferences while I was reading aloud, and we discussed those.
  • Lastly, we talked about Super Signals and identified some from the story.  We recorded these on our Super Signals chart.  We filed everything in the "Fluency" section of our binders.
Read and Relax Buffet
  • People who needed to finished their vocabulary cards.
  • People who needed to chatted with me about their finished books.
  • People read and relaxed.
Vocabulary Review
  • We did a quick review of the words, and then we played the Flyswatter Game.

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