Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Wednesday, 9/16/2009


"Home Burial"
  • We started class with Greta and Nolan reading the parts of the wife and husband, with no narration between.
  • We discussed how this affected our reading of the poem, what we heard that was new.
  • We talked about general questions and insights people had.
  • We talked about a couple of the RJ questions.
  • We talked about the roles our culture assigns to men and women.
  • We started out by discussing people's reactions to the "Problems in Interpretation" section of the essay.
  • We finished with me reading aloud most of page 16.
Poetry Trios
  • We had about twenty-five minutes to get into our groups and finalize our preparations for tomorrow's presentations.
  • Complete the Perrine RJ (questions on p. 12), re-reading the essay as necessary.


Six-Way Paragraph--Blowing Their Tops
  • Today we did the paragraph as a class.  I reminded people of pre-reading strategies (Look at the title, and think about what it could mean; read the questions first), and then I read the piece aloud.  As I read, I stopped when I could make a connection with one of the questions I'd read.  When I finished the paragraph, as a class we talked about which answers were best.  We focused on the strategy of eliminating choices you KNOW can't be right.
Book Blurbs
  • "What I like most about this book is...."
  • I showed how to finish this sentence with the book I'm reading, Into Thin Air.
  • Seven people did their book blurbs today.  We'll hear the rest tomorrow and Friday.
Read and Relax
  • We had thirty minutes to read.
Bookmark Journal
  • "Connect"
  • We threw up some Vocabutoons for ALOOF, CONNOISSEUR, and INCONGRUOUS.  People recorded definitions, etc, on their green grids.
  • We made vocabulary cards for our six most recent words.
  • Read for thirty minutes at home tonight.

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